Video Production for Business
We believe that every business has their own story
to tell and we love helping to share that message.


Below are a list of our services and the starting prices. We can also create packages to suit your needs, just drop us an email or give us a call and we will arrange a free consultation. 
All packages are inclusive of pre-production, production and post production. Prices also include one free feedback session for any changes you may require.

Slideshow £199 £99
We have 12 stunning video templates for you to use on your website or social media! All you have to do for just £99 is choose one of the templates below and email us your photos, your logo and any text that you'd like in the video and you'll have your video within 48 hours! Price includes free music and if you'd like a voice-over it will be an extra £50.

Click here to view our extensive range of templates
Testimonials From £499 (Half Day Filming)
Video testimonials are a great way for you to get more exposure online. Not only will it help your search engine rankings, but they add a personal experience for the viewer and can help to answer any common questions. Instead of having your customers look through pages of content, a short testimonial video will help to put them at ease. 
Interview with Key Member of Staff from £499 
(Half Day Filming)
You know your company better than anyone. We can help tell your story through a video interview. This is perfect for a Managing Director or other key member of staff. Video interviews are a great way for customers to get to know your company on a more personal level and will further enhance your exposure online. 
Training Video from £599/£799
(Half Day/Full Day Filming)
A training video can help your staff learn at their own pace. Whether it is for new or existing employees, a training video can be tailored to incorporate anything you wish. Videos are a far more effective way for your employees to learn, rather than the traditional method of reading training manuals. 
Product Launch/Demo from £599/£799
(Half Day/Full Day Filming)​
Do you have an exciting new product to sell? We can create a product launch video or a demo of your product to help reach your intended audience. This will showcase the key features and benefits of your product in a less intrusive form and will help to introduce your product to potential customers.
Event Video from £599/£799
(Half Day/Full Day Filming)
We can capture the atmosphere and key moments, creating a highlights video to showcase your event. An additional benefit of a highlights video is the inclusion of your events sponsors. This can then be used to generate interest in your event and add value for your sponsors. 
Promotional Video from £799/£999
(Half Day/Full Day Filming)​
A promotional video is the most exciting way to showcase your business. We can capture all the main aspects of your business to help effectively communicate your message. Having a promotional video on your homepage can increase conversions by 80% or more. We will work with you from concept right through to post-production and beyond to help you maximise the impact of your video. 
Music £30
Voice-Over £50
Music & Voice-Over £65
Secondary Camera Operator £150
Sound Recordist £150